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Cold Night (Maria Elena edit)

It’s a cold night
Cold night
A gown for a bride
Hangs down.

Maria, you haunt me
I hear how you call me.
This cold night awaits me
Completes me, you can’t blame me.
Maria, your eyes are
So glassy yet hazy.
Maria, your bones are
Being strung on piano wires.
Maria, excuse me
But understand, you can’t leave me

I gave you new skin
I wrapped you in silk
I encased you in me
I did comb your wig

This cold night leaves
Cold waxen traces.

The Diamond Sea

Let’s move out of the Earth now
Because it’s very wounded
Shall we find a new home
Out there a few light years further back

They wrote about a place
Where all the diamonds melt

Our rocket softly touched down
This home feels bizarre
Mirror mountains flashing through
The haze soaring from the land

Our eyes now adapt
Blind gemstones they are

Sparkling diamond sea

Imagine sailing
Among the icebergs
Floating in you


Paperfly tigermy
The butterbox is closing now
Slide aside the blackprint type
For some money I play the harp
On the isle a hill I find
Up I climb and decide
Paperfly tigermy
Bright white through the valley shines

All the cords that used to bind
Paperflies down to the ground
Vanished now with a scissors sound
Or was it a tiger bite?

Darks of taint and sour rain
Melt in vapor the tinker train
Folding mind like origami
Unrecognized even by me
Paperfly tigermy
Which dress are you wearing now?

Miss Tate

I don’t get why you killed me
I don’t get this mess
Sixteen stabs were way too many
To handle for both of us
I don’t get why you killed me, I don’t care
I don’t care that you killed me, I’m not there

A few words ran through the air
I spat them out in despair
None of them reached their aim
For you licked my blood of your hands

There’s no time for Miss Tate
There’s no time left
Toying with the shiny knife
As if to cut the baby out
But it’s too late for Miss Tate
There is no time to play
No one else here, hold her well
Now it’s time to slay

So quiet you could almost hear
The sound of ice rattling
In cocktail shakers in the houses
Way down the canyon

Your suffocating voice
Your delirious thoughts
Of how can it not be right
When it’s done with love


The place was hard to walk through
For the grass swung waist high
And there were hidden tigers
Who never touched the ground
Their fur is grey
They whisper death

They’d dart across the weeds
They’d hunt for sleeping kids
And it was wild but
No one let out a sound
Wide jaws devouring
Soft warm young skin

Siberia, in your birch woods I found her,
in your birch woods I found
Valeria, in the birch woods I found you,
in the birch woods I found
When she took my hand
The place turned crimson
Time went on standby
When tigers hit the ground

Paris versus Sarajevo

Reek of perfume in the waiting lounge
See through tights with an endless run
Faux fur coat moulting on the floor
Mold these clumps in your palm now

Silence pierced by lousy lies
Tumbling out from their painted mouths
Highway howls into the night
To a girl that’s left behind

Oh, Paris versus Sarajevo
Why was I born under a war sign?

One is golden
The other sallow

Hard a Starboard

The glacier blade
Boxed there in the shade
The whitest one
Enough to persuade

Waves of tide
Reflect a sallow light
A ruthless one
To see them fighters bite

In the dead of night
He said hard-a-starboard

Jittering ice
Glitters in their eyes
Whistles in the dark

Slip and dive
Lie dormant

Deer Traps

I set deer traps
I know I’m baddiwad
This rabbiting
Keeps us well fed

While thy glazzies sneet
Razrez the skin, I do
Leaving them all nagoy
And not so sladky

My droogs
To these poor
To these hoofs
And all the krovvy
On the ground

Sing some sad warbles
With your soft goloss


Hey there, I’m a pelican once white
Crawling deeper into the marsh
No one to see me again

Hey there, I’m a dolphin lady
About to feed my baby
Only to contaminate

Thanks for the headpiece
Thanks for the necklace
I’ll never put them away

When mermaids shed their tears
They poison oceans and seas

Puffy plastic bags make families
With smitten silly sea jellies

After us, the flood


Are the lions spellbound to obey?
And the swallows there to hypnotize?
Does the snake venom narcotize?

They won’t wear off, Maud
It won’t rub off, Maud
You can’t take off, Maud
Your ink bites

Hear the locusts chirp you to slumber?
Who’s the princess riding off your chest?
Does the ink in your skin narcotize?

See the thorny vine tear up your dress?
Does the dragon’s fire carbonize?
Does the monster factor narcotize?

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